Tko pita - skita!

Last 9 months of my life i have spent at home

Being a Russian who was born in Estonia and currently living in Croatia is a bit weird thingie. After such a long break from my ordinary life at “home”. I got lost in a thought – what or who is that…home?

After googling, all these endless quotes totally divided my mind: home is a place or feeling or its sweet or has a wi-fi. So let`s find this… home.

“Home is where the heart is” – “Hello doctor, bye-bye logic” quote.

To begin with, my heart is inside my body, precisely between my lungs. And more likely it`s very cold bc I was born in November in Estonia. So literally it means that my body is my home. And this sounds more like a truth. We all take care of our bodies… but only until we die hehe. Just as we take care of the place where we live and people around us. It means we can be a bit self-centred and say “ My home is inside me”.

“There is no place like home” – “Forks doesn`t exist” quote.

This works only for children. By law, until you are 18 there is really no place like home. For some people, it lasts forever but these are lazy individuals. Somehow when you start being an adult you have this feeling you are not child anymore. At this moment you lose your “home” with parents. Now you have to find your own. Doesn`t matter where: in another person, in an apartment under the roof, sitting on an old chair or while walking in the park. You gonna find it.

And I found it.

I can talk endlessly about fabulous places where I`ve been, great people I`ve met, about the town where I was born and the culture I belong to. This is all my home. These are all my memories. This is me.

P.S. Hvala lijepa Hrvatskoj zemlji.
Tko pita - skita!

BLOG VI: 101 days left

Poetry evening – “Breathe in experience – breathe out poetry”

MID – term training in Split!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

New recipe! Healthy! Tasty! Sweet!

Latvian singer who came to Pula to record a song in Russian 🙂

Project friend who became a sister.

One day at home.


Tko pita - skita!

Blog V: May the force be with you!

Russian language cafe – my own project!

It’s been already a few Russian language lessons! I have only three cute students so far and I am really proud of these girls! Croatian is similar to Russian so it’s easy to understand and learn, but still, it is very complicated. They already know a lot and are even able to read in Russian! I receive very positive feedback from them and I love doing it.

By the way, on the 16th of February, I will start a new Russian language course! Check it out! Come! Join us!

Being allergic to don’t-know-what is awful!

I’ve never had such a strong allergic reaction before. Waking up and being all covered with red spots is FRIGHTFUL! For six days I lived in fear that it could be an allergy to the sun or chocolate or something else that I adore. I have very pale skin so the fear of allergy to the sun was killing me. I discovered the hospital in Pula twice! Yes, I liked the injections that they gave me because they had a very hard sedative effect. The pills also helped. After 2 days without red spots I had a nightmare in which I had this allergic reaction again. I woke up in the middle of the night and was checking every part of my body…. do I really have these spots again?!

Luckily, no!

Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica Pula!

Finally, I got a card made for the local library! The first books that I took were Shakespeare`s sonnets and Stephen King 🙂 They even have a bit of Russian literature. Mostly poetry. From now on, a long road somewhere won’t be a problem 🙂

Be creative!

In Spain I started sketching some funny moments or memorable jokes in my notebook! After the winter holidays I was so inspired by my own emotions that I decorated an old table in ZUM with beautiful white flowers. Then it was the right time for something bigger. What about a mural on the wall in the office?


Crazy wind, rain and sleeping mode all day. This is the kind of winter weather you can see in the  Istrian part of Croatia; a day or two when you don’t even want to get out of your bed because you hear how the wind is blowing outside and it’s so frightening. But after this scary weather always comes sun. No wind, no rain. The grass is green, the skies are blue and the sun is smiling to you 🙂 You go for a walk and smile back to the blinding sun. A perfect moment!