Tko pita - skita!


Time to discover Pula!

Trust me, a relaxing Saturday afternoon and homemade pizza turn your brain off and good mood on! For two weeks our supervisor had been forcing us to go there. Finally, we went to Lungomare – the seaside promenade! I made pizza pasties with blue cheese, homemade tomato paste, hard cheese, salami and oregano. We took our drinks and went to a picnic on the seashore. Good songs and jokes made our day.

All the time I am finding out something new. The discovery of this week is garlic oil! Pour the olive oil into the bottle and put in a few garlic cloves. Let it rest for the night and here it is! It’s ready to use everywhere: in a soup, on pizza, pasta, bread, etc. At this time of the year, it is very useful and healthy!


Now I am 18+1 years old. Yes! I received so many good vibes from my friends and family: video with my friends jamming, voice messages with congrats, messages from my old friends and just nice inspirational words.

I spent this day cooking pizza with France and Macedonia (that is, my friends from these countries) 😉

In the afternoon we took a walk in the woods – the coolest thing is to walk in rhythm with the music! Thank you, Aline, it was perfect!

All the guests were late for my birthday party! This is part of the culture here, but, whatever, as somebody once said: “I am not late, everybody else is simply early.” Most likely I am too strict about time.

Homemade cake with a secret ingredient was perfect for this evening!  I am grateful to all who came to my birthday and embraced me!

Frankly speaking, I celebrated my birthday twice! Wine not?! 🙂


During this week I discovered one more town – Fažana!

Just imagine sitting on a colorful bench directly ashore and listening Balkan music being played by a wooden cat?! That was the moment – the salty smell of the sea, silent waves, morning coffee and tender sun.

Shortly about these 2 weeks:

4 new guests in our house

1 short haircut

+1 city – Fažana (twice)

1 new name for my colleague Belle – Banbelle

2 new recipes

+1 year

10 stickers for ZUM`s project (promoting this website!)