Tko pita - skita!

Last 9 months of my life i have spent at home

Being a Russian who was born in Estonia and currently living in Croatia is a bit weird thingie. After such a long break from my ordinary life at “home”. I got lost in a thought – what or who is that…home?

After googling, all these endless quotes totally divided my mind: home is a place or feeling or its sweet or has a wi-fi. So let`s find this… home.

“Home is where the heart is” – “Hello doctor, bye-bye logic” quote.

To begin with, my heart is inside my body, precisely between my lungs. And more likely it`s very cold bc I was born in November in Estonia. So literally it means that my body is my home. And this sounds more like a truth. We all take care of our bodies… but only until we die hehe. Just as we take care of the place where we live and people around us. It means we can be a bit self-centred and say “ My home is inside me”.

“There is no place like home” – “Forks doesn`t exist” quote.

This works only for children. By law, until you are 18 there is really no place like home. For some people, it lasts forever but these are lazy individuals. Somehow when you start being an adult you have this feeling you are not child anymore. At this moment you lose your “home” with parents. Now you have to find your own. Doesn`t matter where: in another person, in an apartment under the roof, sitting on an old chair or while walking in the park. You gonna find it.

And I found it.

I can talk endlessly about fabulous places where I`ve been, great people I`ve met, about the town where I was born and the culture I belong to. This is all my home. These are all my memories. This is me.

P.S. Hvala lijepa Hrvatskoj zemlji.