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Blog VII: 45 days left

Please, welcome! Reflection tool Blobi was born 03.05.2018!

One part of my EVS personal project was to make reflection (mood) cards to use them in the future projects! 25 shells of motivation, boredom, happiness, hunger… etc. So how do I feel now? I am super satisfied! With great support and help of my colleagues working on Blobi was a very interesting process. Thank you!

We live in a pineapple

Yes, finally, we moved into a new apartment. Of course with a small difficulties, but who cares!
Let me explain. Now, we live in a green building that is sighted to yellow building. That means that we live in the crown of pineapple or just in a big pineapple!
Even though we had some problems with the washing machine (again), i like this place. As you know, cooking is one of my passions, so kitchen is extra important. For me, broken oven is much worse than not working washing machine.

Passion for drawing

Literally cooking became an art! Why not to draw what you are going to cook?

Some time ago, when my mum saw a recipe that i illustrated just for fun, suggested me to illustrate all my favourite recipes and make a small book out of it. After some time i started drawing it! Inspiration comes very spontaneously so you have to catch this moment and use it well. I choose not usual for me technique – watercolors. It worked and in a pretty nice way. For now i have the title and 4 pages full of recipes.

Old well-known recipes and something njammy new that i found out while being in Pula. If you have some suggestions please text me. Here is my email ( ljuba@udrugazum.org )

Drawing as a remedy 

Some life situations can be very stressful and destroying. Deep depression breaks you. I am so happy this breaking point happened with me. I feel totally different. Still can not explain what happened these days but for sure i can say drawing saved me.
I started with something simple: flowers, quotes, calligraphy writing. Now i can not “breathe” without this therapy.
The most interesting thing that I got my sleeping schedule back. Going to sleep around 10pm and waking up at 6am without any alarm. This is amazing.

The Future of the Book! 

The literacy evening on the topic of the Future of the Book is the best opportunity to read a Shakespeare`s sonnet. It was a very nice poetry evening where I have been reading my favorite sonnet in Russian language and listening to it in Croatian. Also were presented some of the local authors books and poems that were written by the students. I am grateful to Ivan the organizator for that soulful evening with cookies!

My small news:

I have been picking up wild asparagus for the first time!
Three times i have been interviewed on the radio.
Finally finished Croatian language course.
Went for a wine tasting day in Gračišće.
Had two workshops in the Schools of Istria: in Pazin and Poreč.
Endless dying from the Sun 🙂

Have a nice day!

Autor Ljuba Terukova

I am 19 years old. I was born in Estonia, but I am Russian. I am EVS volunteer.


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