Tko pita - skita!


Maybe it´s not about happy ending. Maybe it`s about the story – Albert Camus.

Ooh wonderful OKay Go!

Last week I participated in the training course “Community makers” which included sessions with the trainer ( @dejanhren) about marketing, time for inspiration (videos and lectures) and time for content writing. I organized ice-breaking games and energizers. I did a bit of photography as well 🙂

Well, if you need a bit of inspiration watch this – How to find wonderful idea!

I knew that the music group OKay Go are good, but I didn’t know they do all these things! Wonderful!

I need snow! 

Can you imagine all this freshness of white shiny snow? When millions of snowflakes crack under your toes. When it`s so cold that trees freeze and become white. Yes, cold, but so beautiful!
Now, imagine, you spent one hour just walking in the snowy park. You can feel that you have snow even inside of you. It cleans… your mind, your heart and your body. And now after this fluffy walk you come back home. You immediately go to take a hot shower because you cannot feel your fingers. You spend there at least 10 minutes just to enjoy this moment… Then you go to bed and quickly fall asleep with a pleased smile. Feels like a blessing.

But not in Pula! The last snow here was in 2009 and it lasted for 3 days. By the way, my lovely Ljubljana is a bit covered with a snow right now.

In my head is English, but I speak Russian! 

During these last 2 weeks I had been devoured by my mind. There is nothing funny about it. I faced my fears. I faced anger and mess in my head.

Going on this EVS was a very spontaneous decision. I had been approved very quickly. The thing is that before my service I had planned my life for the next 4 years. I had been sleeping and waking up with these thoughts. Nobody thought I would go so far away from home for 9 months. I was ready for EVS but I prepared myself for university. I had been packing things for uni already and then came this day: they approved me for EVS in Croatia. It was a lot of pressure from the outside and inside. No, I don´t regret that I made this decision. But there is one little breakdown. I am still there… in Estonia. I moved to Viljandi to study at the Cultural Academy. I can feel it. My soul still lives in Estonia. I am not homesick or depressive. I am not here.


Autor Ljuba Terukova

I am 19 years old. I was born in Estonia, but I am Russian. I am EVS volunteer.


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